New Nord Modular Editor OSX (Byte Order)

in ableton …

This is a remake of the Nord Modular G1 editor .it works only with the Keyboard and Rack version, Micro Modular are not supported.

In the Plugin version All the 18 knobs for each slot is automatable


  • min system requirement : 0SX 10.11
  • Stand-Alone app
  • Audio-Unit plugin
  • VST3 plugin

Download here

13 réponses sur “New Nord Modular Editor OSX (Byte Order)”

  1. Just downloaded to have a look. Looks cool but definitely alpha. Crashed after a few clicks. I am a software developer and Nord uModular owner. I would be open to helping out getting your code working with the uMod.

  2. Hi. I was wondering if i would be able to edit patches made with the « traditional  » editor with this program? And also, when will you release a full version?

  3. Hi,
    thank you so much for realising this piece of software: it revitalised my NordModular Rack. That is awesome!
    Do you plan to also build a G2 version? I find the original Nord software quite unstable under Mojave – it constantly looses midi connection (and it does not support anything higher than Mojave, I believe).
    Thank you s much again and all the best.

  4. Hello, just out of curiosity ,are there any plans for a micro modular version too?Is the micro architecture that much different?

    Your software is amazing and it will revive so many machines!
    I think many micro owners including my self would pay for something like that!

    Anyway thanks again and congrats!!

  5. Salut

    I was very happy when I read that you work on a new editor for the Nord Modular.

    I installed the application and was able to start it. It successfully reads the active patch and it is displayed, but then the application freezes. I’m running Catalina 10.15.6

    I waited for a few minutes, but I didn’t get an error log that I could provide you. Maybe you already know about this issue.

    Best regards,

  6. To answer many comments , i’ m currently testing a new version with MICRO support . it will come in a few days
    And thanks to all that have been made this project a reality

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